Virtual Lactation Consults

Get the breastfeeding help you need, when you need it – all from the comfort of your home – with a virtual lactation consult with Katie! Available WORLD WIDE!

We are in a network with these insurance providers!

We are currently in network with Aetna and United Healthcare. We have also partnered with The Lactation Network to make getting lactation care more accessible than ever. If you have one of the following insurance providers or you have the Multiplan or PNOA symbol on your card, you may be eligible for up to six consults. Click here to check eligibility. Currently, only VA members in Midwest and Eastern regions are accepted through TLN. For all other insurances, we can provide a superbill to submit to insurance for possible reimbursement – HSA/FSA cards are accepted as payment as well.

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How it Works

Book Your Consult

You can book your virtual consult with Katie at the link below. If you don’t see a time that works for you, just reach out. We can get you in!

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Visit with Katie

After your appointment is confirmed, you will get access to our secure platform to fill out forms. At the time of your appointment, you will click on the zoom link and video chat with Katie.

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Get a Personalized Care Plan

After your 60-minute visit with Katie, you will receive a personalized care plan with everything discussed, including links to helpful resources and two weeks of messenger support.

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What a Virtual Consult is Like…


Register with Practice Better

As soon as you book your appointment, you will be sent an email with a link to our secure portal where you will fill out forms. This must be filled out before the appointment.


Login to Zoom

At the time of your appointment,get on your computer or phone for our visit via zoom. It can be helpful to have someone else present to help with the camera!


Visit with Katie

For 60 minutes, we can work through whatever your breastfeeding issues are! Afterward, I will send a thorough care plan you will get two weeks of messenger support.

Need a custom solution?

You May Be Wondering….

Virtual lactation consults can be very helpful! Beyond being able to weigh the baby, we can work through many issues virtually. Virtual consults can be especially helpful for positional issues, tongue tie release support, prenatal consults, back to work, pumping, and weaning consults.

Many moms find that they are more at ease over the camera than in person.

I work with The Lactation Network to make insurance easy! Many plans are covered for six visits. You can check eligibility here.

If your insurance doesn’t qualify through TLN, I can provide a Superbill for you to submit to insurance.

Typically, yes. If your problems don’t directly involve the infant, they do not need to be. For example, weaning consults, prenatals, back to work, and pumping.

All sorts of things! We can work on positioning and latching, supply issues, weaning, back to work issues, pumping, and I. can even walk you through a tongue-tie assessment! The main thing we can’t do is weigh your baby, though I can walk you through a weighted fed if you have an infant scale.

I often have same day appointments available. You can check my schedule, and if there is nothing available you can text me at 720-463-4016 and we can work something out.

Text me at 720-463-4016 for additional questions and support.